Some of my early works (1982–2002)
ny art is an extension of yourself. I let my feelings and emotions move through my paintings to give them personality and soul. But emotions is not enough. Our philosophical background is also very important. We are not able to communicate well with our audience without intellectual reflections...
I have been interested in Conceptual art art European Surrealism since 1992 and most of my current works touched by ideas of this artistic schools. This reveals my interest in the transient, fragile nature of existence. After graduating as M.A. from the Moscow Academy of Arts (Prof. Anatoly Yakushin Class, 1986-89) I have continued my studies in
Vienna University of Applied Arts in Austria in the Class of Prof. Wolfgang Hutter, one of the main representatives and founding members of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism and was deeply influenced by his ideas.

My paintings have been exhibited in Russia, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and can be found in many private collections. The following list of works is sorted showing the oldest works first. To make it easier for you to navigate, the Gallery is divided into five sections:

Art Academy : my academic nude and portrait drawings (1982-1989)
Fantastic Realism : contains 35 oil and acrylic art works. (1991-1999)
Still Life paintings : about 23 oil and acrylic art works. (1985-1995)
Commercial Illustration : ink drawing & print art works. (1998-2002)
Graphic Design : Corporate Identity Design examples. (1998-2002)