My Teaching Style
n the British Higher School of Art and Design, students have more or less 5 workshops per semester. Workshop sessions are started from week 3, and occur
once every 2 weeks for the following 11 weeks. Other Course mandatory activities include: lecturing, seminar work, independent studies, tutorials, 'crits' (students' presentations
and group discussions) and master-classes with guest lecturers.

Before class:
I usually e-mail my students a few days before the actual workshop & assign some of them to
prepare their homework and to summarize what we are going to do in the forthcoming workshop.
I will make sure that I'm well prepared to deliver the Creative Brief by reviewing the lecture materials
thoroughly, and preparing additional interesting questions, exercises & tutorials.

In the class:
As a rule I use the first 15-20 minutes just to give a motivating summary of last week's lecture.
The summary will look 'easy' compared to the last week's lecture.
I will then call the students to present their answer\solution for the given problem set.
When some of the students are presenting their work, I try not to say too much to the other
students, as any information that I give at that time will be missed by those who are presenting.
I wait until he/she finishes, then say what I want to say.
I allow some Q&A sessions during the class...

After the class:
I won't disappear after lecture\workshop, as according to my experience, some students
(who are shy to ask during the class) will approach me to ask smth. about the subject.
I'm contactable via e-mail for further consultations. I'm eager to set up extra consultation
sessions if necessary, e.g. to discuss the midterm test, practical exams, or to discussing the
past semesters' exam papers.
I take class photos during the last session of my class/lab. And I also make Audio
podcasts of my lectures.