What & Who?
rtFobia.net is the online home of Max Nesterenko, an artist, graphic designer and a teacher of visual arts & communication, living and working in Moscow, Russia. My goal is to combine various art and design education questions into one discourse, showcasing an eclectic group of examples: my lectures in British Higher School of Art and Design (BHSAD), design presentations and a gallery of my students' works for all those who sees influence of contemporary art on graphic design everyday practice and understands the importance of design in contemporary visual arts history. I wish to provide here a step by step guide for all my Critical and Cultural Studies Course (C&CS) students helping to survive assessment period and explain main principles of research paper thesis development.
I have presented my personal CV including my education, experience and qualifications background and have supplied examples of my work on my Portfolio page. I hope it will help round out your perception of who I am, and give you some insight into how I work with others and will answer why I am talking about all that jazz...

Thanks for calling!